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What to do if you have a problem

Emergency Information

Orthodontic Emergencies are rare and a broken brace does not constitute an emergency.
If you have a problem with your brace please click here for self help videos provided by the British Orthodontic Society.

Removable braces

If a removable appliance is broken, continue to wear the appliance unless is causing discomfort or does not fit. Contact the practice to book a repair appointment as soon as possible. Please remember to bring all parts of your brace.

Fixed braces

If a wire is digging in or a bracket is loose, then please use wax provided to cover the affected area and make an appointment for the brace to be repaired.

If you have recently had a brace fitted, you may find your teeth feel tender as they begin to move. Please take the same pain killer you would take for a headache. You may also find your brace rubs which can cause mouth ulcers. If this occurs please place your wax provided over the bracket causing the irritation and treat the ulcer with a suitable product from your chemist e.g. Bonjela or Iglu. With time and the irritation removed the ulcer will soon heal.

Please click here for videos and advice on brace care

Urgent Treatment Out of Hours

Please phone the emergency number only if you require urgent treatment to relieve severe problems. Most orthodontic problems are not urgent.

Happy Clients

Having made the decision to have braces to correct my bite in my early 40’s I am delighted with both the result and the treatment at St Marks. Karen and the whole team have been excellent all the way through and I would happily recommend them to anyone.


Thank you to everyone for looking after me so well and most of all thank you for my gorgeous new smile! Everyone has been absolutely fantastic.


To all at St Marks, I am overwhelmed with the look of my teeth! Thank you so so much for all your fantastic care. I feel transformed.


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